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DMS-R: ESA's Data Management System
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DMS-R: ESA's Data Management System

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DMS-R, in the Russian Service Module Zvezda, is a set of computers, that provides for the overall control, mission and failure management of the entire Russian segment of the International Space Station.

The DMS-R performs functions as:

  • Guidance, navigation and control for the entire International Space Station
  • Onboard systems and subsystems control
  • Mission management with supervisory control by the on-board and ground crews
  • Failure management and recovery
  • Time distribution, time tagging and synchronisation
  • Data acquisition and control for on-board systems and experiments
  • Exchange of data and commands with the other parts of the International Space Station

The ESA-provided on board units are:

  • 2 Fault Tolerant Computers: a Control Computer and a Terminal Computer
  • 2 Control Posts for command and control by the crew, for commanding experiments and ERA

The DMS-R was developed by ESA with an industrial team lead by Astrium in Bremen, Germany.

The application software for the on-board computers was developed by the Russian Zvezda contractor, RSC Energia, using an ESA-provided ground system - the hardware and software environment supporting software design, development, simulation, test and validation.

The Russian Service Module, with the ESA-developed D-MSR, was launched in July 2000.