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NASA's advanced Resistive Exercise Device (aRED) for the ISS
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advanced Resistive Exercise Device

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The advanced Resistive Exercise Device (aRED) will not take up a rack location in Node-3 but will still be located in the new module. It was developed to improve existing ISS exercise capabilities. It mimics the characteristics of traditional resistive exercises (weighted bars or dumbbells) by providing a more constant force throughout the range of motion. It offers traditional upper and lower-body exercises, such as squats, dead lift, heel raises, bicep curls and bench press.

The aRED uses vacuum cylinders to provide concentric workloads up to 270 kg, with an eccentric load up to 90% of the concentric force. It also provides feedback to the astronaut during use and data to the NASA exercise physiologists. Flight surgeons, trainers and physiologists expect that the greater loads provided by aRED will result in more efficient and effective exercise, thereby preventing the muscle and bone loss that astronauts sometimes experience during long missions.

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