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Guest user
If you are not an EMITS user, you may still view summaries of Open Invitations To Tender and Intended Invitations To Tender. Your menu will be limited though as well as your functionality within EMITS. You can access ESA and other Entities News as well as information about their procurement processes. In this case you are normally referred to as a Guest user.

For full details you will need to register.

To perform the login
Fill in your username and password to login to EMITS. To change your password, first enter your current password, then enter the new password (twice) and click the "Submit" button.

The validity of your password is 3 months, and you cannot re-use one of your last 10 used passwords when entering a new one.

Login Message
When you login the following message is issued by EMITS: 

"Welcome to EMITS. Your last access was on dd/mm/yyyy 00:00:00”. 

If you have expressed an interest in an Intended Invitation To Tender and the ITT has been opened since your last visit, an extra message appears, asking for your confirmation. 

If something new has been published since your last access, a message is displayed under the ‘Last Updates’ label, notifying you of the News, Intended Invitations To Tender and Invitations To Tender published since then:

  • If ‘ESA’ has been selected in the Top Menu the ESA publications are shown;
  • If a single Entity under ‘ENTITIES’ has been selected in the Top Menu only the last updates of the Entity concerned are shown;
  • If ‘ALL’ under ‘ENTITIES’ has been selected in the Top Menu the last updates of all Entities are shown;
  • If some Entities are grouped and the entire group is selected only the updates of the group are shown.


Multiple Users from one Organization
It is strongly recommended that people from the same organization do not log into EMITS with the same username. If you need more usernames in your organization, please contact your Entity Information Administrator (or deputy).

Quit and Timeout

EMITS will perform an automatic "logoff" if the user does not interact with EMITS for more than 60 minutes. You should always quit the application for security reasons, by clicking the "Quit" button and closing the window.

How to select an Entity

EMITS allows the browsing of information organized per Entity. When the application starts the ESA data and logo are shown. In the Top Menu the "ENTITIES" button is available. By selecting this button, you will see the list of all Entities, plus an extra entry "ALL".

Now you can:

  • Select an Entity from the "ENTITIES" list
    You will see the data related to the Entity selected. Moreover the "ESA" button appears on the Top Menu. By clicking it you will see the ESA data again.
  • Select "ALL" from the "ENTITIES" list
    You will see the data related to all the Entities present in the "ENTITIES" list. Moreover the "ESA" button appears in the Top Menu. By clicking it you will see the ESA data again.

It can happen that one Entity is considered as a group of sub-Entities. In this case the Entity entry in the Entities list, which appears when you click the "ENTITIES" button, is split in as many entries as there are sub-Entities, plus an extra entry "ALL", which includes all sub-Entities.   

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