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Coordinated data access system

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The overall space capacity, beyond the single missions, is coordinated through the Copernicus Space Component Data Access System.

This is carried out in agreement with contributing data providers. 

The system provides comprehensive and coordinated access to space data, to:


  • link transparently the different data providers and the various Copernicus services using specific coordinating functions;


  • create synergy and sustainability across the various contributing missions;


  • access a simplified interface for advertisements and the service desk rather than using multiple data provider interfaces.


The system is the hub of an interoperable network of distributed European ground segments contributing to Copernicus, culminating in a harmonised, one-stop-shop for users.

Data and services are accessible in the form of datasets, which are pre-defined collections of coherent (single and/or multimission) products that are derived from service requirements after trade-off considering the overall capacity of the space component.

The system is managed by ESA as an integral part of the Copernicus Space Component Programme.

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