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Indigo develops new ground segment technologies to help fully exploit the capabilities of the next generation of high-throughput telecom satellites.

The programme is a public–private partnership between ESA and global satellite operator Intelsat (LU), who have chosen the versatile Newtec Dialog platform to deliver numerous services on their EpicNG satellite platform and IntelsatOne terrestrial network.

ESA’s backing supports European industry and project industrial partner Newtec (BE) to improve the Newtec Dialog modems, hubs and network management system to help deliver the services offered by these latest multibeam, multiband telecom satellites.

Indigo will maximise the throughput delivered to customers and have the flexibility to adapt to advances in satellite technology and services.

These benefits will improve the quality of service and lower the total cost to customers, pave the way into markets that were previously not economically viable, and enable new services across multiple sectors.

All partners and European Indigo subsystem suppliers will have the opportunity to expand their product and service portfolios to capture a greater share of a highly competitive market.

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