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First edition of Climate Detectives concluded – Watch the final online event

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To mark the completion of the 2018-2019 Climate Detectives school project, ESA hosted a final online event highlighting the outstanding work from the student teams. Special guests also took part…

ESA's Aeolus mission scientist Anne Grete Straume joined us to discuss similarities between the teams’ investigations to the climate research conducted at ESA. Anne Grete shared her career experience and the most rewarding aspect of working at ESA. Anne Grete also gave some suggestions to the students for their future careers: “If you like research and discovery go after these things, keep on discovering!”

At the end of the event students were surprised with a special message from ESA astronaut Tim Peake. He congratulated all the teams for their hard work in making a difference in understanding and protecting Earth’s climate.

The teams’ journey as Climate Detectives began in October 2018. Students identified and investigated local problems related to climate. As professional scientists, they analysed and collected Earth Observation data, from satellite images to local weather measurements. Based on their investigations, teams proposed ways to help reduce or raise awareness of the climate problem they studied. 

As part of the project, the participating teams have also shared their work with their peers. Follow their journey on the Climate Detectives sharing platform.

ESA thanks all the Climate Detectives student teams and their teachers for their effort and great work, and encourages them to continue to make a difference!

The Climate Detectives school project will be back for the school year 2019-2020. Stay tuned! 

Climate Detectives - Final event
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