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New deadline for Climate Detectives Phase 1

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Good news for all young climate scientists! The deadline for phase 1 of the Climate Detectives school project has been extended. Teams of students, aged 8 to 15 years old, have until 14 November 2019 to identify a climate problem they would like to investigate and to come up with an investigation plan.In their plan, students have to describe the problem that they propose to explore as ‘Climate Detectives’ and the data they plan to collect/analyse.See how to apply here

Last edition, more than 100 teams from 16 ESA Member States and Canada applied for phase 1. Teams studied many different topics, from deforestation to air pollution and the impacts of wildfires on local climates. In the project’s sharing platform you can find some of teams’ final projects.

Climate Detectives School Award
ESA has prepared a small surprise for the second edition of Climate Detectives. The best projects will have the opportunity to tour ESRIN, ESA’s Centre for Earth Observation (EO) in Frascati, Italy. Students will visit the Φ-Experience and will have the opportunity to meet EO experts. The Φ-Experience is an interactive exhibition that presents exciting insights into Earth observation, Earth science data and research around these topics for the general public. You can find more information about ESRIN on the official website.

Climate Detectives 2019-20 timeline
Climate Detectives 2019-20 timeline