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ESA space transportation workshops look to Space19+ and beyond

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In the lead up to decisions to be taken at Space19+ in Seville, Spain in November, ESA invited developers, Member States representatives, and end users to workshops last week.

These workshops covered the latest technical details and status of Ariane 6, the Future Launchers Preparatory Programme, and a joint workshop with the European Commission on microlaunchers and associated spaceports.

Space transportation Programmes are forging ahead with development of Europe’s technologies, launch systems and operational capabilities that are crucial in serving the growth of the European space sector in its entirety.

These workshops are enabling ESA to give the face-to-face interaction that speeds up exchanges on focused topics and supports further cooperation between participants.

The ‘Ariane 6’ workshop on 2 July, covered Ariane 6 and P120C development status, market and exploitation in relation to Space19+.

The ‘Future Launchers Preparatory Programme’ workshop on 4 July, covered future space transportation preparation, with presentations on space logistics and target systems, new demonstrators and advanced technologies in view of Space19+. It hosted keynote speakers on related exploration needs and was concluded by a panel Q&A session. The presentation session was followed in the afternoon by more than sixty B2B meetings with industry.

Microlaunchers and associated spaceports
Microlaunchers and associated spaceports

The ‘Microlaunchers and associated spaceports’ workshop was hosted jointly with the European Commission on 4 July, with presentations on updates on the EU and ESA on-going and future activities related to microlaunchers.

More than ten European microlauncher projects were presented and six dedicated spaceports. Each session was followed by a Q&A session before a panel. ESA is proposing for Space19+ a Commercial space transportation services programme to support privately-led and proposed service proposals, including for launch services making use of microlaunchers.

For further information on the programmes to be presented at Space19+:

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