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How to use Lessons online

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Lessons online are designed to be a resource for students and teachers. They provide an extra tool for classroom activities and can be used either in their entirety or a specific element selected to fit a particular lesson.


A number of different topics of interest for schools and schoolchildren are planned for the future and these will be added as soon as they become available. For the moment lessons online are available only in English.


The format of lessons online differs depending on the topic, they can consist of:

  • illustrated web pages
  • illustrated web pages with animations
  • illustrated web pages with videos
  • illustrated web pages with power point presentations

In addition to links to videos and animations, most web pages also contain links to sites giving more information on subjects mentioned in the texts.

Schools with IT facilities will be able to project lessons online on to a large screen or students can follow the lesson on individual computers.

For further information or comments please contact:

Shamim Hartevelt or Cristina Olivotto, email: