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BepiColombo launch media kit

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Download this media kit to learn more about the launch of BepiColombo on 20 October 2018, the spacecraft's seven year journey to Mercury, and the science goals of the mission.

Bepicolombo media kit

Click to download mediakit (PDF, 12 MB)

This is an interactive media kit. Navigate between pages from the contents page or with the arrows at the bottom of each page. Explore scientific and technological themes of the BepiColombo mission through the series of infographics, which can also be downloaded separately from the image gallery.

Roll over the graphic elements to discover hyperlinks to more information on related webpages. Links to recommended images, videos and animations are provided towards the end of this media kit. An internet connection is required to access the external webpages.

Follow the launch live from 03:15 CEST on 20 October at

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Update log

08 Apr 2020: A new version of the media kit was released containing an updated version of the journey graphic on p12.

17 Oct 2018: A new version of the media kit was released containing a new infographic, and updated versions of graphics regarding the MPO and MMO's instruments.

15 Oct 2018: A typo was corrected on p12 and a value was corrected on p15. Minor updates to contact details on p21.

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