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Watch LISA Pathfinder briefing

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Livestreaming of the media briefing on the first results from ESA’s LISA Pathfinder mission will begin on 7 June at 09:30 GMT (11:30 CEST). LISA Pathfinder is a technology demonstrator for the observation of gravitational waves from space.   



Programme outline

09:30–09:40 GMT / 11:30–11:40 CEST
Opening up the gravitational Universe for ESA’s Science Programme
Fabio Favata, Head of the Coordination Office, ESA Directorate of Science

09:40–09:50 GMT / 11:40–11:50 CEST
LISA Pathfinder: A new way to look at our Universe
Paul McNamara, ESA LISA Pathfinder Project Scientist

09:50–10:00 GMT / 11:50–12:00 CEST
LISA Pathfinder optical metrology performance
Martin Hewitson, LISA Pathfinder Deputy Primary Investigator, University of Hanover

10:00–10:10 GMT / 12:00–12:10 CEST
LISA Pathfinder first results
Stefano Vitale, LISA Pathfinder Primary Investigator, University of Trento

10:10–11:00 GMT / 12:10–13:00 CEST
Question and Answer sessions and opportunity for individual interviews

An Ask Me Anything session with mission experts on the Reddit social media platform, where users may ask all kinds of questions, will be conducted 12:00–13:00 GMT (14:00–15:00 CEST) on 7 June at

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