Getting started with Astro Pi - teach with space | T05.1

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Astro Pi is the name of a small computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in collaboration with the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency (ESA). There are two very special Astro Pi’s. Their names are Ed and Izzy, and they have been qualified for spaceflight. They are now onboard the International Space Station (ISS) for students like you to use. With this first set of activities you are going to assemble your Raspberry Pi for the first time and learn the essential coding language that you need to program your Astro Pi.  By doing so, you will get the chance to have your own code and scientific experiment run on the ISS.

Languages: EnglishFrench (teacher's guide)French (student activity)German (teacher's guide)German (student activities)Polish (teacher's guide)Polish (student activity)

Download: Teacher's guide and student activities
Age range: 10-14 years old

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