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Preparing for the future in the long term is the Advanced Concepts Team. This team is a channel for the study of technologies and ideas that are of strategic importance in the long term planning of the Agency. Some of the topics investigated by this team include  advanced materials, artificial intelligence, bio-engineering, biomimetics, computational science, earth system science, energy systems, fundamental physics, informatics, mission analysis or propulsion.

The team provides decision-makers with the support of a highly multidisciplinary research group. Science and engineering research fellows (PhDs working at ESA for two years), Young Graduate Trainee and stagiaires form the bulk of this Team. Based at ESTEC, they carry out research work on advanced topics and emerging technologies and perform highly skilled analysis on a wide range of topics.

The Ariadna initiative provides a link with the European academic community in advanced space technology research to perform collaborative research. Ariadna covers all the fields of the ACT's research where specific knowledge and skills are required. The cooperation helps the academic community to keep up to date with ESA activities and developments.

For further information please contact:

Leopold Summerer
Advanced Concepts Team
 Keplerlaan 1
 2201 AZ Noordwijk
 The Netherlands
Tel. +31(0)7156 56788
Fax.+31(0)7156 58018

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