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The GSTP is an optional permanent ESA programme separated into three elements (Develop, Make and Fly).

Overview of the 3 GSTP Elements
Overview of the 3 GSTP Elements

Element 1 “Develop”: Technology developments for future missions, ground applications and tools  
The activities performed under Element 1 are dedicated to the development of technologies, building blocks, components and test beds for projects and the economic operators, i.e. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises, industry, satellite operators, satellite providers, universities and research organisations from low TRL to qualification and covering the following themes:

Reliable Large-Area Filter (RELAX)
Reliable Large-Area Filter (RELAX)
  • Earth Observation;
  • Science;
  • Robotic Exploration Preparation;
  • Human Spaceflight and Exploration Preparation;
  • Space Transportation and Re-entry Technologies;
  • Navigation;
  • Security for the citizens including Space Situational Awareness;
  • Generic Technologies and Techniques, including cross-cutting technologies such as Clean Space (in particular CleanSat), Advanced Manufacturing, Design to Produce and Space Technologies for Energy;
  • Preparatory activities for the e.Deorbit mission and technology developments in the relevant fields;
  • Technology transfer.

Element 2 “Make”: Market driven, industry initiated, co- funded direct negotiation activities for technology maturation leading to products.

Ge wafer for multi-junction solar cells
Ge wafer for multi-junction solar cells

The activities performed under Element 2 are all co-funded with industry and aim to:

  • Strengthen worldwide competitiveness in new and existing markets;
  • Establish strategic capabilities which should result in stronger competiveness in the mid-term;
  • Develop products in response to gaps in the supply chain e.g. by environmental regulations, migration to new technology and other causes;
  • Initiate or strengthen technology transfer.

Element 3 “Fly”: In-orbit demonstration of new technologies, preparation of future missions and small missions

GOMX-3 CubeSat
GOMX-3 CubeSat

The activities performed under Element 3 aim at:

  • Implementing in orbit demonstration of technologies either as products in need of acquiring flight heritage, hosted payload or complete space missions (small spacecraft, CubeSats etc.);
  • Conducting investigations and studies to prepare for future missions in particular breakthrough and new generation types of missions;
  • Conducting ad hoc small missions.
GOMX-3 CubeSat after its deployment from the ISS
GOMX-3 CubeSat after its deployment from the ISS