Aerial view of ESA’s technical centre
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Aerial view of ESA’s technical centre

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The date is fixed: you are invited to visit ESA’s technical heart in the Netherlands for its annual Open Day on Sunday, 8 October.

The theme this year is Bringing Space to Earth. Visit us to meet astronauts and mission experts, see how we simulate space on the ground, and discover the knowledge and technologies brought back to Earth from space.

For now, please save the date. You can register to attend ESA’s Open Day in the Netherlands from 3 July.

In place for more than half a century, the ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Centre in Noordwijk on the North Sea coast is ESA’s largest establishment, focused on developing technology, planning missions and testing satellites.

The hub of our continent’s space effort, this is where the majority of European space projects are born, developed and tested in advance of their flights into orbit.