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Long Term Medical Survey System

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The Long Term Medical Survey System (LTMS) is a lightweight, safe, reliable and easy-use medical measurement system system developed by the Swiss company CSEM under ESA contract to study different strategies of monitoring astronauts’ health during surface operations activities.

LTMS meets medical safety standards and is easily wearable by anyone. It has three body contacts with no gel and cableless electrodes in the T-shirt.

The system is capable of monitoring following human vital signs around the clock:


  • ECG
  • Respiration rate
  • Pulse oximetry (SpO2, HR)
  • Blood pressure
  • Body core temperature
  • Activity and posture
  • Weight and body composition

The LTMS-2 system prototype was validated at Bern University Hospital and the newer version, LTMS-3, is now in clinical trials at Concordia Base in Antarctica.

Checking the LTMS
Checking the LTMS

“During the Rio Tinto tests, the LTMS was placed on the crew member under the Aouda.X suit to measure parameters during the simulated EVA activities," says Michel Lazerges, the LTMS Technical Officer at ESA.

"The Austrian Space Forum medical doctors supporting Mission Control in Innsbruck were very happy when they received the flawless data from LTMS in Rio Tinto. These tests in Spain allowed us to gather even more data on its performance while identifying possible further developments."

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