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Rosetta, are we there yet? Enter and win!

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Join the “Rosetta, are we there yet?” campaign, a photo contest to support the last leg of the spacecraft’s epic 10-year voyage to comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, and be in with the chance of winning some fantastic prizes.

Browse the gallery of entries below, and scroll to the end to check if you were a winner.



Congratulations to all winners!

Main winners:

Elisabetta Bonora: Rosetta in a bottle
Emanuele Andreola: Gran Paradiso

Runners up – selected by our judges from the top 20 voted images:
Nunzia Cerrato, for her human-sized Rosetta model in the sea
Marek Chudio for his human-sized ‘light painting’ Rosetta model
Daniel Schmidt for his LEGO comet scene
Mathilde Faure, for her Rosetta and Philae model investigating a fossil in the Alps
Orlando Adinolfi for his sand art model of Rosetta at the comet
Christina Feliciano’s ‘Comet Surfing BBQ’ group
Mani Manickam’s groups’ best wishes to Rosetta from India
Javier Etxebarria’s hiking through the Basque Country
Krzystof Bernatowicz’s little green creatures on the comet
Jakub Slama’s ‘Rosetta and Philae finally arrive at their destination’ model

'Lucky dip' winners drawn live during our Rosetta Google+ Hangout held on Tuesday 2 September (watch the replay here).
Linda Noda Treadwell
Chris Gelsi
Karen Kohut
Yan Jones
David Pinilla Martinez
Gert Muller

Spot prize winners

Spot prize winners up to and including the opening weekend of the contest:

Leonardo Della Pietra - "Papa when do we arrive? When you see the snow!"
@velollah, via @timmermansr - ISU space mascarade 
Carlos Francisco & Armas Rodríguez - "My girlfriend and me accompanying Rosetta..."

Spot prize winners of calendar week 30 (21-27 July 2014):

Michal Tarnowski -  Paper model of Rosetta and salt lamp from 5-year old Stanley's grandma
Elisabetta Bonora & Marco Faccin - Rosetta in a water bottle
Mani Manickam - Sky don't have border - Children from India wishing Rosetta "Are We There Yet"
Mattia Barbossa - Rosetta cake 
Gabriele Moretti - Gabriele (5 years) in Little Italy with his paper model

Spot prize winners of calendar week 31 (28 July-3 August):

Martin Javorek: Rosetta Lego
Karen Pond: My son, Josiah (6) dressed as Rosetta AND Philae
Tyler Waldrop: Rosetta says hello from the beach
Matthias Binder: A small adventure for Rosetta, Philae, my brother Michael and me

Spot prize winners of calendar week 32 (4-10 August): 

Brigitte Bailleul: Underwater, #NEEMO18-style
Wojtek Golebiowski: Rosetta and Philae are exploring Bialka River Canyon
Emanuele Andreola: Gran Paradiso - 4061 metres high and covered in ice
Jean-Baptiste Cochet: Hiking up with Rosetta, approach, flyby, orbit, lander release, landing and ... life 

Read the competition wrap up article: Rosetta arrival competition winners

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