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The Agency uses the following scale to evaluate a proposal:

 Perfect  100
 Excellent  90
 Very Good  75
 Good  60
 Fair  50
 Barely Acceptable  40
 Worthless   -

A set of Evaluation Criteria, summarising the aspects that the Agency will take into consideration when evaluating proposals, is published with each ITT.

The Weighting Factors associated with each Evaluation Criterion for a given ITT are also published, and each Evaluation Criterion refers to a specific (set of) ITT requirement(s) and points to a specific part of the proposal.

Weighting Factors enable the bidder to gain a correct understanding of the work to be done, and ensure that the total marking during the evaluation process is representative of the bidder’s capability to correctly interpret the Agency’s requirements relatively to each criterion concerned.

Without the Weighting Factors, the total marking of a bid, i.e., the sum of all 5 markings divided by 5, could be artificially inflated by high markings in Criteria where compliance, without any specific further elaboration, is expected. For instance, a high marking for Criterion 5, which constitutes the acceptance of administrative and contract conditions, may give a high total marking in absolute terms.

The table below shows an example of an evaluation without and with applying the Weighting Factors.

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