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Official Flight Kit (OFK)

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The OFK consists of symbols for different organizations, institutes and institutions that Christer Fuglesang has chosen to honour on his mission. All parts of the OFK will be handed over after the mission, together with a certificate stating that the contents flew onboard the Shuttle Discovery.

Poster from the University of Umea. Fuglesang has been an honorary doctor at the University of Umea since October 1999.
The Swedish national flag, presented by the speaker of the Swedish parliament.
Flag from the University of Stockholm. Fuglesang was awarded his PhD in experimental particle physics by the University of Stockholm in 1987.
Flag from The Awty International School in Houston. Since 1997 Fuglesang's children have all attended, or are attending, this school.
Badge from the physics section of the students union at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Fuglesang was a student at the Institute and was very active in student union activities.
Pennant from the Stockholm Sailing Society (Stockholms Segelsällskap, SSS). Fuglesang sailed to the Caribbean and back under the society's pennant during 1979–1980. His children have all attended the society's sailing camps from an early age and his daughters are presently fellows in the society.
Gold pin from the Royal Institute of Technology – Fuglesang's home university. Fuglesang was recently appointed as an affiliated professor at the Institute and is active in projects studying radiation and it's effects on astronauts.
The Coat of Arms of the City of Stockholm, St Erik. Fuglesang was born and raised in Stockholm.
The Norwegian national flag. The Fuglesang family originates from Norway. His father was born in Oslo and the family had a cabin in Valdres during Fuglesang’s childhood.
Pin from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien, IVA). Fuglesang is a Civil Engineer (PhD in engineering sciences) and has been a festival speaker at the Sciences Academy
Banner from the Kiruna Space School. (The banner is travelling under Curbeam's name, as Fuglesang's quota was used up but Curbeam's wasn't, and he kindly placed this at Fuglesang's disposal.)

Additional items travelling in Fuglesang's so called Special Flight Data File:

  1. A Frisbee, designed by Fuglesang and one that he carried with him when crossing the Atlantic in the family boat Windlady. Fuglesang competed in and was engaged in the sport of Frisbee throwing in the late 70's and early 80's.


  2. The ESA flag.


  3. A medal from the Stockholm marathon. Fuglesang competed in the Stockholm marathon in 1985, 1986 and in 1987, but the medal symbolises sports and athletics in general, something that he holds dear.