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EMITS User Manual

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General EMITS concepts

EMITS ( is the online system used by the Agency for publishing Invitations To Tender (ITTs) and information about the ESA procurement process.


EMITS use for “Best Practices” Tenders (published by “entities”)

EMITS also allows other Entities outside of ESA to manage their Invitations To Tender in a way that is similar to the one adopted by the Agency. “Entity” is a generic definition for Industry, Institute, and Agency having consolidated relations with ESA.
Contracts awarded by other Entities can be related to activities financed by ESA or not. In particular EMITS allows:

  • Prime contractors working for the Agency to publish Invitations To Tender for procurements initiated by them in the context of ESA projects for which they have the industrial responsibility
  • National Agencies to publish Invitations To Tender on behalf of ESA, or on programmes related to ESA
  • Authorised Entities to publish Invitations To Tender for their own procurements


The Expression of Interest

EMITS users can express interest in the activities published on the system, provide other users with information about the specialisation area of their company, and advertise their websites.


Registering as “Entity” 

Registration on esa-star is mandatory for all entities not yet registered as potential bidders, wishing to do business with ESA. 
The documentation that potential bidders need in order to submit their proposals is made available through EMITS: Invitations To Tender are published in English. Additional language versions may also be available for Entities' Invitations To Tender not related to ESA Programmes.

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