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The Top Menu will look slightly different before and after you log in.

These are the buttons available in the Top Menu:

  • ESA
    When the application starts, the ESA logo and data are shown. This is the default setting for all users except Entity Tender Administrators who enter directly into their Entity area. When ESA data is shown, the "ESA" button does not appear in the top menu.
    If the user selects an Entity in the "ENTITIES" list, the Entity's logo and data are shown. Moreover the "ESA" button also appears in the top menu.
    When the user clicks "ENTITIES", the list of Entities is shown. At the bottom of the list the option "ALL" is shown.
    If an Entity is selected:
    - The Entity logo and data are shown
    - The ESA button is shown
    If "ALL" is selected:
    - No logo is shown
    - All Entities invitations are shown
    - The ESA button is shown
    It can happen that one Entity is considered as a group of sub-Entities. In this case the Entity entry in the Entities list is split in as many entries as there are sub-Entities, plus an extra entry "ALL", which includes all the sub-Entities.
    When the user clicks "LOGIN" a standard login form is shown. The user has to specify user name and password. If s/he does not want to log in at the time s/he has to re-start the application.
  • ESA Home Page
    When the user clicks "ESA Home Page" the ESA Home Page is shown.
  • Industry Information
    When the user clicks "Industry Information" the following list is shown.
    ESA Industry Portal
      When the user clicks this entry the ESA Industry Portal page is shown.
    List of SME's
      When the user clicks this entry the List of SME's is shown. This is the list of ESA Potential Bidders, users of EMITS, who meet the SME definition criteria of ESA.
    Yellow Pages
      When the user clicks this entry the Yellow Pages are shown. This functionality allows the user to search and display bidders matching selected criteria, by choosing Bidder Code, country, Entity name or type of Entity. 
  • Entity Registration
    When the user clicks "Entity Registration" s/he is allowed to insert data of her/his Entity and submit them to ESA for validation in order to become a potential Bidder and have user-ids allocated to access EMITS.
  • Service Desk
    When the user clicks "Service Desk" a page is shown, containing the following information:
    - If the user is not logged in:
      Contact Service Desk with a link to send an e-mail to the Service Desk.
    - If the user is logged in:
      Contact Service Desk with a link to send an e-mail to the Service Desk (as before).
      An extra link is available to send comments, which are stored in the EMITS database to be consulted, whenever necessary.
  • Help
    When the user clicks "Help" the Help Page is shown.


After the login, the following extra buttons appear:

  • Your Entity Details
    By clicking on Your Entity Details you will be able to see your Entity data, including ESA Bidder Codes assigned, Contact Points and list of EMITS Users. If any update is required please contact the Entity Information Administrator (or deputy) of your Entity. 
  • User Preferences
    By clicking on User Preferences the user can modify her/his User Preferences (or User Profile). These include whether or not the user wants Invitation To Tender documents to be sent directly to her/his e-mail address and her/his preferred language(s) for these documents.
  • Quit
    It is very important to exit EMITS correctly by pressing the "Quit" button. In doing so your last access time will be updated, so that if you log in again on the same day, you will not be shown the same documents marked as new again.
    Always remember to quit the application and log-off correctly. It is paramount to also quit EMITS when you will be away from your PC, even for a short time, for security reasons. 

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